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Axon Optics glasses are powered by Avulux® Lenses - the only clinically validated lenses for people living with migraine & light sensitivity.

Ship us your own new frames, we'll fit them with Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses. Select an optional anti-reflective coating (AR coating) on either non-prescription or prescription Avulux® lenses.

Coating: Hardcoat Only

Please note: Custom orders are non-refundable.

(e.g. RayBan | 49-19-140 | Red | Plastic)

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Let the Good Light In

Powered by Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses

Axon Optics with Avulux lenses block the lightwaves linked to migraine attacks while allowing soothing green light in to calm both your eyes and brain.

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Why Avulux Lenses

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Helps 90% of Users

90% of customers report they can continue with their daily activities.

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Subtle, Consistent Color

Avulux lenses are tightly quality controlled to ensure tint consistency and the color is subtle enough to avoid drawing unwanted attention. You’ll look good and feel even better.

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Light Sensitivity Experts

Physicians and engineers developed the Avulux lenses that power Axon Optics glasses to best benefit people with migraine and light sensitivity.

See What People Have to Say

Courtney S.

So helpful

This is my second pair- one in prescription and one not. I can’t imagine not having these anymore! I have chronic intractable migraine and deal with pain and symptoms all day every day and when I heard about these I took a chance. They are soothing on my eyes and allow me to watch some TV and manage some screen time but I still have to dim the brightness on the devices. I wear these every single day inside. Thank you Avulux!


Highly Recommended For Migraines and Light Sensitivity

I have chronic migraines due to hormonal changes (possibly) - have to take medication to prevent onset of migraine symptoms, which include auras, numbness, and aphasia. Sensitivity to light is a MAJOR trigger. Avulux glasses help 1) withstand bright sunlight and prevent wobbly walking and 2) prevent discomfort due to indoor lights, e.g., florescent lights. Medication and lifestyle change alone could not prevent the impact of photophobia, which is where Avulux glasses helped immensely. Now I can walk outside without looking unstable haha!

Kat C.

Amazing glasses!

I never take mine off! People always ask me where they're from as if they're just for fashion. Avulux is my new go-to eyewear. I have chronic migraine and I won't say they're the "be all end all cure," but they certainly assist my WFH life. I wear them to night events, dinners, when on screens and everything in between 10/10.

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Virtual Try On

1. Download the OCHO Vision app: iOS or Android

2. Enter Store Code within App: Avulux

3. Try on our frames!

Note: iPhone X or above is required on iOS, the frames will appear accurately sized to your face in real time.

Frame size on Android is not automatically adjusted to your face size, it's for style reference only.


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