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Try Before You Buy

Virtual Try-On

Choosing the right frames to suit your style is an important part of being confident in your choice to purchase Axon Optics powered by Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses.

With a few simple steps, you can try on our most popular styles - virtually - before making a purchase.


Download The OCHO Vision App

iOS (iPhone X or above required)
Download here:
App Store Download

Using an iPhone X (10) or above allows users to take their optical measurements within the OCHO Vision app. On iPhone, glasses shown on a user's face within the app will be close to their actual size. Please be sure to also reference frame dimensions to confirm the glasses are a good fit for you.

Download here:
Play Store Download

Measurements are not currently available to Android users. Glasses shown within the app for Android phones are for style reference only, the size of the frames are not accurately portrayed. Please reference frame dimensions on each product page.

ocho vision download infographic

1. Download The OCHO App

ocho vision find app infographic

2. Locate The App On Your Device

ocho vision store login infographic

3. Type “Avulux” Into The Search Bar To Find Our Virtual Try-On


Select Frames And Take Measurements

ocho vision frame selection measurement infographic

4. Select Your Frames

Once a frame is clicked, you can click on the frame color to access additional colors, if available.

ocho vision pupilary distance measurement infographic

5. Measurements

Click on the 'Measurement' button to collect your measurements so that you may enter any required values into your prescription lens order.

Pupillary Distance

PD (pupillary distance) is required for all prescription lens orders.

ocho vision segment height measurement infographic

6. Segment Height

Segment Height is required if ordering progressive lenses.

To provide your segment height, provide the lower of your OC OD or OC OS that is displayed on the OCHO Vision measurements page. 

Note: Segment height measurements are dependent on frame choice. Please be sure to take these measurements on the frame you intend to purchase as the numbers will vary from frame to frame.

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Vanessa B.

Since I bought them everything is improving

I don't know if it's a coincidence. Since I bought them, I have greatly reduced the medication, intensity and frequency of headaches. As soon as I am hypersensitive, fragile or have dizziness, I wear them. I do not regret the purchase. I recommend giving it a try and see if it suits you."


My Safety Net

When my symptoms start to flare or I wake up mid-migraine, slapping these on are a game changer.

Domitille A.

Highly Recommend

I suffer from migraines and extreme light sensitivity. Whenever I put my Avulux glasses on, I can get through my day. It’s often such a release that my body will burst out in smiles and tears of laughter. I don’t want to ever take these off!

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Axon Optics powered by Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses for 60 days. If you don’t experience an improvement in quality of life or management of the negative impact of light, send them back and we'll issue a quick refund!

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