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The Only Clinically Proven Migraine Sunglasses

Created by a neuro-ophthalmologist and leading light sensitivity scientist, our migraine sunglasses filter out specific types of light linked to migraine attacks and light sensitivity.

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Engineered By A Scientist

Dr. Bradley Katz is a neuro-ophthalmologist, scientist at the University of Utah Moran Eye Center, and founder of Axon Optics. He's been the leading voice on the relationship between light and migraine for over 20 years.

Want to know a secret? Our competitors have been citing his published research as proof their glasses work. Get your migraine sunglasses directly from Dr. Katz.

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Clinically Proven

Our Avulux® lenses underwent an independent, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. It’s the only migraine & light sensitivity lens to ever be proven at this highest standard of clinical testing.

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Designed for Migraine

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Filters Harmful Light

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Light Can Be Problematic

Up to 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light. And approximately 80% of migraine sufferers experience photophobia. 

But not all light is harmful.

Studies have shown that the specific colors of light that actually trigger or worsen migraine attacks and photophobia are blue, amber, and red light. Green light has been shown to have a therapeutic effect, reducing migraine headache severity in a 2016 Harvard study.

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How It Works

Axon Optics glasses powered by Avulux® lenses work by filtering out 97% of the harmful light (blue, amber, red) while letting in 70% of the soothing green light.

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Why You Shouldn’t Always Wear Regular Sunglasses

It’s easy to think that a simple pair of sunglasses is the right solution for migraine and light sensitivity. If some light is harmful, then blocking all light with sunglasses is the perfect remedy, right? Wrong.

Wearing sunglasses isn’t ideal for two reasons. For one, it can cause chronic dark adaption, which can make your light sensitivity worse over time as your eyes adapt to a darkened environment. Secondly, sunglasses block all colors of light, so you don’t get the therapeutic benefits of green light exposure.  

The key is blocking only harmful light, eliminating the possibility of dark adaption, while simultaneously letting in soothing green light. Thankfully, that’s exactly what our Avulux® lenses do and they can be worn indoors or outdoors.

If and when you do wear dark sunglasses, make sure you’re only wearing them outside on sunny days.

Why Our Technology Is Superior

Most competitors selling “migraine glasses” use two different types of technology: FL-41 tinted glasses and blue light glasses. Brands selling these products will boast dubious claims, but what’s the real story?

Unfortunately, their products aren’t clinically proven and don’t fully address the problem. Here are the reasons why they fall short and how Axon Optics picks up their slack.

They don’t block all bad light; we do.

FL-41 and blue light blocking glasses only focus on filtering blue light, but they fall short when it comes to blocking red and amber light. 

Avulux® precision-tinted lenses block up to 97% of blue, amber, and red light.

Axon Optics filters green light vs others

They mistakenly filter green light; we let it in.

Green light can be soothing, yet most migraine lenses filter it out.

Axon Optics powered by Avulux® lenses let in 70% of green light.

Axon Optics integrated tint vs others

They’re inconsistent over time; we’ve solved that.

Most brands merely apply a thin tint to the surface of their lens. If the tint ever gets scratched, you can say goodbye to its light-filtering benefits. Competitors use this method because it’s cheap and easy. 

Avulux light filtering technology is built into the lens at a molecular level, so scratches don’t impact their filtration efficacy.

Axon Optics lens color vs others

They have major color distortion; ours is subtle.

Other sunglasses for migraine have an orange/red color tinted lens, which can attract unwanted attention. People are seeking a sleek light management tool, not trying to make a bold fashion statement.

Our Avulux® tinted lenses are incredibly subtle.

Lady getting an optical examination

They aren’t clinically proven; ours is.

Our competitors use great marketing to convince consumers that their glasses are effective. However, their glasses have never been clinically tested or held under scientific scrutiny. 

Our Avulux® lenses underwent an independent, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. They are the only clinically proven lenses that precisely filter light to help people living with migraine and light sensitivity, when worn as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Vanessa B.

Since I bought them everything is improving

I don't know if it's a coincidence. As soon as I am hypersensitive, fragile or have dizziness, I wear them and it greatly helps. I do not regret the purchase. I recommend giving it a try and see if it suits you.

Kiersten P.

Life Savers!

These glasses have seriously changed my life. I haven't been able to go outside during the day without getting a headache or migraine for quite some time. I've been trying to treat the migraines with meds but that solution still falls short sometimes. Adding these glasses has given me my life back. Now I can go outside and open the blinds without issues. So happy I found these!

Domitille A.

Highly Recommend

I suffer from migraines and extreme light sensitivity. Whenever I put my Avulux glasses on, I can get through my day. It’s often such a release that my body will burst out in smiles and tears of laughter. I don’t want to ever take these off!

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