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Glasses To Help Autism Light Sensitivity

People who are on the autism spectrum process sensory information differently. One of the most common differences is light sensitivity. At Axon Optics, we are serious about helping everyone with light sensitivity. And though we don’t specifically call our eyewear, “autism light sensitivity glasses,” our lenses align with the science on light and visual discomfort.

If you or someone you care about has autism spectrum disorder and is sensitive to light, try our glasses.

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Glasses For Light Sensitivity
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Signs and Symptoms of Autism Light Sensitivity

Both kids and adults on the autism spectrum may experience light sensitivity (also called photophobia), but the way it manifests itself varies from person to person.

Pain when exposed to light, even if it’s not excessively bright

Light-triggered headaches or migraines

Low tolerance for fluorescent or other artificial lights

Seeing afterimages - visual illusions caused by retinal impressions that persist after light exposure

Light avoidance - shielding or keeping eyes closed, wearing sunglasses indoors (a bad idea), turning off lights, or not wanting to watch TV or use digital screens for long

Visual snow syndrome - tiny flickering dots in the entire field of vision, which may look like static from an old television

Low tolerance for light - which may cause excessive blinking, tears, or elevated anxiety

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Our Happy Customers Notice the Benefits

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Neva B.

Very Helpful!

These glasses reduce the light glare and discomfort when I am in stores or working on my computer. I have purchased other brands and though more expensive, these are worth the price.

Michael F.

Life changer

I suffered a severe brain trauma about 20 yrs ago, I have dealt with chronic severe migraines on an almost daily basis since then. My wife discovered Avulux as an option. I've had them for over a month and so far have had 2 migraines. This is an amazing alternative to all the different meds the doctors have tried over the years.

Amy D.

My frames, my prescription

Sent my own frames and my prescription in to get Avulux lenses. I am thoroughly pleased with the results. The first time I put them on, I felt my eyes relax. They are my every day glasses

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Why Axon Optics?

Axon Optics was co-founded by neuro-ophthalmologist and scientist Dr. Bradley Katz, who has been treating light-sensitive patients at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center since 1995. When not treating patients, Dr. Katz is researching light sensitivity, its origins, and effects. He and his colleagues at Axon Optics understand how light sensitivity affects people’s lives and are on a mission to provide tools that can help.The result is lens and frame innovations that make a difference in the lives of thousands. In fact:

90% of Axon Optics users report that our glasses help them resume their daily activities.

This is likely because of our precisely-engineered tint that blocks more of the light spectrum shown to trigger photophobia symptoms.

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Other Ways to Reduce Autism Light Sensitivity

Along with wearing light sensitivity glasses, there are a handful of other simple ways you may be able to reduce the impact of light for those with autism.

Replace fluorescent or LED lighting with softer incandescent light

Allow more natural light to reduce the need for artificial light sources

Dim the lights in rooms you spend a lot of time in

Use good quality sunglasses outdoors

Remove visual clutter or excess visual stimuli from the environment, such as patterns or bright colors

Beginning with dim lighting, gradually increase the brightness in small intervals over time

Wear hats and sun visors even indoors as needed, especially when under fluorescent lights that cannot be changed

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Can Tinted Glasses Help With Autism Light Sensitivity?

For those on the autism spectrum, wearing light sensitivity glasses might be one of the simplest methods you can try. There are no medications, side effects, special procedures, or complicated steps to take. Simply put on the glasses and experience the benefits of light management.

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Why Does Light Negatively Affect People With Autism?

Research is ongoing, but there are a few different reasons why people on the autism spectrum may be more light sensitive than others.

  • Bright light can reduce the brain’s capacity to process information. While light may not trigger this directly, it could be a complicating factor when other stressors are already present
  • Those with autism may have an impairment in how the pupil responds to light, increasing their sensitivity. This may be related to a malfunction in the retinal ganglion cells inside the eyes.
  • Due to structural differences in the central nervous system, people with autism spectrum disorder tend to be more sensitive to stimuli like sounds, touch, and visual inputs, which includes light.

Try Axon Optics Powered By Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses

Of all the ways to reduce the impact of light in autistic people, Axon Optics powered by Avulux® light sensitivity lenses are portable, and completely non-invasive. Our 60-day return policy makes it easy to try them for autism light sensitivity.

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