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The Results Are In: Axon Optics Eyewear Reduces Headache Impact

The Results Are In: Axon Optics Eyewear Reduces Headache Impact

Since 2011, Axon Optics has been developing precision-tinted eyewear with purpose. As technology has advanced, our primary mission has remained constant: to help people who suffer from light sensitivity and migraine to suffer less.

We’ve Been Hard at Work, and the
Data Is In

We admit it — we’re data nerds. We’ve been busy surveying Axon Optics user experiences, asking them questions, and compiling the insights they’ve given us. To be exact, we conducted a HIT-6™ survey. HIT-6 is a clinically-validated tool for measuring the impact of headache (it literally stands for Headache Impact Test). Using this tool, we’ve surveyed over 1,000 users both before and after wearing our glasses for 4 weeks. And what happened? The vast majority of Axon users — 85% — saw a decrease in headache impact over the study period.

So for the lion’s share of Axon Optics customers, our tinted glasses are doing exactly what we designed them to do: help migraine sufferers suffer less. Those are pretty solid results, but they don’t end there.

Fewer Headache Days

When you get a migraine, it ruins your day. You probably can’t function at work or school, and you certainly don’t feel like going out with your friends or playing with your kids when you’re down and out with a massive headache. Most people with migraine would call a migraine day a bad day, and they want fewer bad days.

When it comes to fewer headache days, Axon Optics eyeglasses appear to have a positive effect there, too. In addition to our HIT-6 survey, we asked participants about their number of migraine days before and after the testing period. Their responses show a 33% decrease in the number of headache days!

As you probably know, Axon Optics eyewear is developed specifically for people with light sensitivity, or photophobia. Photophobia can not only trigger migraine attacks, but can also cause other symptoms, such as:

  • Eye pain
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Redness, itching, or swelling
  • Headache and stiff neck
  • Excessive tearing
  • And more

And since more than 90% of migraine sufferers also have light sensitivity, these two conditions appear to be closely related. So if you’re among that majority, you’ll probably be happy to know when we asked our HIT-6 participants a separate question about light sensitivity, too. We found our glasses made a big difference, decreasing participant light sensitivity impact by 40%, with 85% of users reporting a decrease.

Headache Severity Down by Nearly Half

There are plenty of tools out there designed — even proven — to decrease the severity of migraine. Pharmaceuticals, supplements, lifestyle changes, and dietary restrictions may all have their place in your arsenal. But if you’re looking to reduce the severity of the impact migraine has on your life, our HIT-6 study shows the promise in Axon Optics eyewear for that purpose. In fact, at the beginning of our study, 90% of our participants (920 of 1019) reported being “severely impacted” by their headaches. After the study period, only 47% reported being severely impacted by headaches while using our glasses. That’s a reduction of nearly 50%!

Graph showing severe headache impact reduced for Axon Migraine Glasses by 50 percent

Also significant is the number of participants dropping from “daily” or “chronic” headache territory into “episodic” headache territory. Those suffering from daily headaches (a total of 31 headaches during the survey period) dropped from 162 respondents to 105 respondents — a 35% decrease. Those reporting chronic headaches (15 to 29 headaches during the survey period) went from 427 participants to 250 — a 41% drop.

Before After
0-8 headache days (Low Frequency Episodic Migraine) 296 545
9-14 headache days (High Frequency Episodic Migraine) 162 140
15-29 headache days (Chronic Migraine) 427 250
Daily 162 105
Total 1047 1040

More Than Numbers

These results are encouraging — to us and to those looking to get some help with light sensitivity and migraine. But as we stated before, the mission of Axon Optics has always been to help migraine sufferers suffer less. And while the results of our HIT-6 survey and many other studies back up the efficacy of our products, the most rewarding part of what we do is hearing from you. With more than 1500 customer ratings, we have an average of 4.4 stars. To us, that means our eyewear is making a difference in the lives of those who use it, and that’s what we’re here for.

Perhaps even more telling than the reviews is the fact that a great majority of our survey respondents said they would recommend Axon Optics eyewear to others with similar symptoms. Over half ranked their likelihood of doing so at a 10 out of 10.

Likelihood of recommending Axon Optics to others with migraine symptoms.

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the development of non-invasive tools to fight the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. We also endeavor to make strides in our own technology, and will report those strides as they are made. Until then, we hope you’ll try our light-filtering eyewear for light sensitivity and migraine, and let us know how they work for you.

The data shows it: you can fight back against light sensitivity and migraine.

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