Visual Migraine Aura Phenomenon

Visual Migraine Aura Phenomenon

The Dresden Codex vs. Migraine Aura

Dresden Codex compared to Migraine Aura

Mesoamerican Art has a very famous and specific look. Most people will have an immediate mental image when you mention the Aztecs or the Mayans. The Dresden Codex, or Codex Dresdensis, is one of three indisputable Mayan Codices (books). It opens accordion-style. It is from the Yucatan region of the Mayan territory, where Chichén Itzá is located. This is a very old book, dating from around 1200 – 1300 AD. It is believed that this is a copy and the original text was 300 – 400 years older than this copy of the book. If you’ve ever seen Mayan or Aztec art, you know what it looks like. It’s unforgettable. But what does this have to do with migraines? It matters because people with migraine aura often see strange patterns. Words may become unreadable to them. They may have minor hallucinations that look similar to Mayan or Aztec art. This comparison between Mesoamerican Art and Migraines with Aura help non-migraine sufferers understand what a migraine looks like in these specific occurrences.

Visual Aura Phenomenon from Migraines

A genre of YouTube videos exist in which aura sufferers try to show what it looks like to have a migraine aura . Each interpretation is different, but also similar. I can relate to every one of these videos as well as a few pages of Dresden Codex! What do you see when your migraine aura begins?

Video Examples of Migraines with Aura

Please be careful, some of these videos have flashing lights, so if you are susceptible to migraine or seizure upon viewing such motion, you should consider not viewing them. 1. This attempt to capture what a migraine looks like is unpleasant to watch if you’re a sufferer of this condition. It’s too flashy! I don’t recommend watching more than a few seconds of it, but it is interesting. It doesn’t look like what I literally see during an aura, but it does look like how a migraine feels.

This is an easy-to-watch video that shows a migraine aura spoiling a lovely afternoon.
This is a hybrid video. It combines a scientific demonstration with Visual Migraine Aura effects. This was a specific migraine recorded by experimental psychologist Karl Lashley in 1941. He documented everything that occurred during his migraine.
A little animation on what the aura looks like.
Mayo Clinic’s demonstration of what it’s like to have Visual Aura.
What a Migraine Headache Looks Like – I think this one induces migraines instead of describing them. You may only want to watch a few seconds of this.
A clip of what Aura looks like at the office.
Migraine Aura While Driving
Aura while Camping
Looking across a city plaza as a migraine begins – Watch it Here.
A different interpretation of how irritating Aura can be. Watch it Here.
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