Migraine Glasses

7 Benefits of Migraine Glasses

7 Benefits of Migraine Glasses

If you have migraines, especially when accompanied with visual sensitivity that includes photophobia, you may benefit from migraine glasses (precision tinted lenses). A study by the Visual Perception Unit, University of Essex, Colchester, and Institute of Optometry, London, UK, suggested that precision tinted lenses helped reduce symptom frequency in people who experienced migraines with visual sensitivity.

Migraine glasses help to calm light sensitivity and may reduce associated pain, but there are other benefits that you may enjoy as well. Take a look at our infographic, “7 Benefits of Migraine Glasses,” and let us know which benefit is your favorite. Then visit the Axon Optics website to pick out a pair of your own!

7 Benefits of Migraine Glasses

7 benefits of migraine glasses

This is a favorite photograph of our Skye Flex migraine glasses frame. This frame with indoor lenses is very flexible and comfortable, and is just one of the many styles we offer for women, men, and children.

Skye Flex Migraine Glasses Frame

Isn’t it time you got a little relief for your light sensitivity or migraine? These glasses are a smart choice and are backed by years of research to develop the most effective product possible. If you’re still not sure, check out our review page and hear from some of our very satisfied customers. We publish all reviews, good and bad. That allows us to equip you with the information you need to make a smart purchase decision.

At Axon Optics, we carry a full line of frames for men, women and children to fit our precision tinted lenses. You can also get light sensitivity contacts if glasses aren’t your thing. If you think you might benefit from a pair of our migraine glasses, give ours a try. You get both comfort and style in every one of our frames. Plus, you get the Axon Optics 30 guarantee on every pair you buy. What have you got to lose?

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