20 Migraine Gifs that Really Capture the Migraineur's Struggle

20 Migraine Gifs that Really Capture the Migraineur's Struggle

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a moving picture must be worth more, right?

And sometimes a picture conveys what you don’t have the words to express.

If you’re like most migraineurs, there just aren’t adequate words to describe your migraine.

These migraine gifs do an exceptional job of capturing the struggle that migraineurs experience every day. They accurately illustrate visual auras, depict migraine pain with startling clarity, and echo the words most of us have uttered at one time or another while in the throes of a migraine attack.

Some are serious, but most put a humorous spin on the situation. Who would have thought that Spongebob with a hangover bears an eerie resemblance to you at the peak of your migraine?


This is our round up of some of the best migraine gifs out there. Maybe you’ll find some that speak to you.

Maybe you’ll find a couple that will help those around you understand how you feel during an attack.

Hopefully you’ll get a chuckle or two from some of the sillier ones. Laughter is the best medicine, you know.

Hammer down!

Poor Donald! We wouldn’t wish a migraine on anyone, but it sure seems like that is what he is experiencing. Haven’t we all felt like this at one time or another? Sometimes, in the midst of a migraine, doesn’t it feel like a hammer to the head would be an improvement?

In case you’re wondering, it isn’t! Kids, don’t try this at home!

I’m not OK

We have a face we show the world but the reality behind it is often vastly different. That is the life of a migraineur – or anyone with chronic pain, for that matter. This is a good reminder to those who don’t experience migraine that while you seem fine, you really aren’t.

It could open the door to some good discussions on your condition and even the support that you need from friends and family.


The visual aura

This is one of several migraine gifs that shows what a visual aura looks like – or one type anyway. This one is just a blurry spot in the person’s field of vision. Sometimes though, it’s a black spot or a bright, flashing spot. Everyone is different and everyone’s migraine experience is different.

This is just one of many types of auras, but it can be a great introduction to life with migraine.

via Gfycat

Throbbing headache

Just about anyone with migraine can relate to this. Your head is throbbing, feels like it is going to fall off and fly around the room. If you’ve never had a migraine it would be difficult for you to understand. There is no pain like it and, in fact, it does often feel exactly how this migraine gif looks.

If this is your migraine, hats off to you.


It hurts!

On the heavy metal migraine scale, mother of Metallica must rank at about a 9 or 10. That’s gotta hurt pretty bad. If you’ve ever had one of those mind slamming attacks that come out of nowhere, you can definitely empathize with the sentiments expressed here.

The cool part is that you can say this in front of the kids! Totally accurate and totally clean. Score!

Migraine Aura

This is a very common migraine aura although the light may be in a different pattern or there may be certain points in the field of vision that are dark or very bright. Ocular migraines sometimes look like this.

And that’s a big thing that most people don’t understand about migraines. They are so much more than a headache.


Migraine Art

This is a rather beautiful depiction of a migraine. The details are astounding. Notice the bags and circles under her eyes, the drawn face – every aspect of this migraine gif brings the pain to heart rending life. Kudos to the artist who created this. They obviously are intimately acquainted with migraine pain.

This is one of the most moving pieces of migraine art out there.


Lights are a huge problem for most migraineurs. Light sensitivity can often trigger migraine attacks so the relationship that they have with light is tenuous at best. Add to that auras that have flashing lights and you have the makings of a very painful experience.

Migraine glasses help tremendously with lights like this and other types of light that can trigger a migraine attack.


Migraine besties?

Well, your migraine might not be your “bestie” but you do find yourself in an uneasy alliance as you live with it. Frenimies is probably more like it. However, when your migraine is quiet it is certainly easier to live with although you may spend that time wondering and worrying when it will decide to attack again.

With friends like that, who needs enemies? Right?

via Gfycat

Progression of a migraine

This is another art gif that depicts the progression of a migraine attack with a rawness, an aching beauty that only someone who has endured the pain would understand. As she transforms you can see the pain etched on her face. And those of us who have been there are nodding, saying, “Yes, I know exactly how that is.”

Warning: This migraine gif is completely mesmerizing. It’s hard to look away.


“I’m dying”

While this migraine gif may be a little heavy on the histrionics, it can be pretty accurate when it comes to an attack. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Ferris Bueller? And Cameron is always a favorite, albeit a little on the dramatic side.

But if you’ve ever laid in bed, reeling from a wicked migraine attack, you can probably totally relate.

The Brain Twister

When you are in the middle of a vicious migraine attack it can feel as if your brain is twisted. In fact, many people report feeling like their head is being squeezed or “wrung out.” This gif gives you a pretty good visual of what that feels like.

Put this one in your back pocket for those curl up in a darkened room days. Use it as your “Do Not Disturb” sign.


Attack of the killer brain

Warding off a migraine can feel a lot like this. Yes, it’s a clip from a cheesy old movie, but it is the epitome of living with migraine. You never know when it will attack or if you will be able to stop it before it takes you down for the count. It just keeps coming at you until it consumes you.

If you’re lucky, your meds work. But let’s be honest. How often does that really happen?

via Gfycat

Visual Snow

Visual snow is a type of migraine aura although it can occur without migraine. It is characterized by dots or “snow” like a television that is not getting reception that occur in all or part of a person’s field of vision. Many people don’t realize that they have it because they are used to it and don’t know what it’s like to not have visual snow. Even if you don’t get a migraine with it, visual snow can still be a problem due to obstruction of vision and severe light sensitivity.

Imagine having this or some version of this in your field of vision – unless you have visual snow, then you know it all too well.


The temple rub

Guess even the Fresh Prince gets a migraine now and then. Of course, we’ve all been there – at work, school, taking care of the kids – any place where we have to keep going despite the pain in your head. The pounding won’t stop yet you must carry on. That, my friends, is true misery. You have no escape, no relief, you just keep on pressing on.

The face is great though. How many times have you felt just like that?

Say it with a smile

A migraine can make you hurt all over and feel like you would have to get better to die. If you have to be around people while you are in pain though, I guess the best way to handle it is to explain it with a smile – the first time anyway.

If you have to repeat yourself, all bets are off.

Something’s eating my head

OK, show of hands. Who’s felt like this? This migraine gif is one of our favorites because it really paints a pretty accurate picture of how a migraine feels. It’s like there’s a little alien chewing on your brain. And all you can do is sit there. You just have to wait for it to pass.

Of course, retreating to a cool, dark room and hiding out in bed until the attack passes is a pretty attractive option too.

Visual disruption

Visual disruption is fairly common with migraine aura. However, some people get the visual disruption during an attack. Some experience the light and lines as depicted here, while other s experience shadows or blacked out portions of their visual field.

This can be scary and make it pretty tough to do anything other than curl into the fetal position and wait for your migraine to pass.


Migraine hat

Ah! The ultimate migraine hat! No, it isn’t pretty, but it sure is functional! That would effective block the noise and it wouldn’t be too difficult to block the light as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hat like that just for your migraines?

Sure would make it easy to sleep anywhere!


Spongebob’s feeling pretty rough

There are migraine gifs, and then there are MIGRAINE GIFS. This one definitely falls into the latter category. It hits so very close to home.

We’ve all had this day even if you don’t get migraine. Poor old Spongebob. He is feeling pretty rough. And isn’t it always so lovely when someone comes along and tells you how bad you look? It’s like, “I had forgotten for a minute how bad I look with this migraine. Thank you so much for coming along and reminding me.”

What’s your migraine face?

There are thousands upon thousands of migraine gifs out there. These just happen to be some of our favorites. At the very least you can use them to help other people understand what you go through.

Migraine is tough – but you are tougher.

Enjoy our little collection of migraine gifs. Here’s hoping that you have fewer migraine days.

Oh, and here’s one more. After all, we couldn’t let you go without showing off our migraine glasses gif! What do you think?

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