Migraine Glasses Reviews: 17 In-Depth Success Stories

Migraine Glasses Reviews: 17 In-Depth Success Stories

Axon Optics makes glasses for migraine and light sensitivity, and they have helped thousands of people find relief. In fact, about 85% of users say our glasses reduce the impact of migraine and light sensitivity on their lives.

If you’re tired of migraine. Tired of light causing you pain. And mostly, if you’re ready to live your life with fewer interruptions, you’re in the right place. Here are a few inspiring customer stories about how our eyewear has helped just a few of our customers.For the full list of verified reviews, please check out our review page.

Laura Went From Barely Surviving to Thriving

I still remember it so clearly. On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 I was driving into work and actually on the phone with my boss when I got hit with a headache. Based on the weather and similar previously experienced symptoms I was confident it was a sinus headache and would go away soon. As a little time went on the symptoms evolved and it was clear I was experiencing a migraine.

This was not my first migraine. And I wish I could say it was my last. But for the past two and half years I have been living with chronic migraine. I have found a little relief in some treatments. Yet I am still holding out hope for greater relief.

A year into this my occasional light sensitivity began to worsen. I had to dump my pride at the door and start making adjustments in order to function. Since then I have worn a hat and sunglasses whenever I am in a setting with fluorescent lighting. At work I have had to bring in lamps for my office and our weekly staff meeting had to be relocated to a more suitable environment. That is just the tip of what at times feels like an iceberg.

It may be a club we all want out of. But, we are not alone and thankfully there are resources, like Axon Optics that bring life back to areas that have been strained by light sensitivity. If you are like me, you often find yourself just trying to survive when you would much rather work on thriving. I could have continued on with my sunglasses, but I am so glad that I now have my glasses from Axon Optics. It took some areas of my life from a status of surviving to one of thriving.

With that comes a sense of freedom that is incredible.

I have worn glasses for years, so if I was going to leave the lighting safety of my office I would have to switch to my sunglasses, put on my hat and also bring my regular glasses with me if I was headed to a location where the lighting would be suitable. It meant always having a pair of glasses in my hands.

With my lenses from Axon Optics, I can roam hands-free. The lenses provide the filter my eyes need, but are not too dark from environments where I would have otherwise switched from my sunglasses back to my regular glasses. After spending over a year carrying around a set of glasses, I immediately noticed the freedom my new glasses brought to my daily life.

I felt like I had switched from just surviving to being able to better thrive in that area.

Laura 2

When you know you are going absolutely have to wear a hat and sunglasses into a store in order to complete your shopping, you find yourself trying to avoid shopping at night. You feel awkward enough with your ensemble when it’s daytime. But, you know you look more out of place when it is dark outside. Some days you bite the bullet and do what you have to do to get those groceries. But, now that I have my new glasses I no longer find my mind wasting energy planning shopping and my schedule around the amount of daylight outside. That was moving from surviving to thriving.

I truly hope you will give Axon Optics a shot. You will find a quality product, incredible customer service and hopefully you will find yourself thriving in areas you once fought to just survive.

Kim Finally Went to the Mall Without Getting Sick

The princess is having a birthday. She went to the mall with her friends and took her birthday money with her. How excited she was to tell me she’d finally bought a bearded dragon!

migraine treatment with migraine glasses testimonial

Well, this was exciting alright! I have NO idea how to care for one, zero, zip, nada. This required me to go to the mall…

The mall full of fluorescent lights, shiny floors, reflective windows – just perfect for a hemiplegic migraine and dystonia storm for me.

I have to be able to speak when I get there, remember what words to use, and remember what they’ve told me when I get out of those awful lights. Let me clarify that hemiplegic migraines resemble strokes, and I can’t be in anything but incandescent bulbs or it is guaranteed for me.

Thank God for Axon Optics glasses! I donned my hat on that rainy day, put my Axon Optics glasses on, and took off to the mall. The pet store is at the end of a wing of the mall, with no close outdoor exit for me to dart into.

After walking all the way down to the pet store, I went into the very bright lights. My Axon transition glasses did their thing and got darker. I didn’t even have to change glasses. One less thing I had to think about.


After finding a salesperson, I explained the situation. I need everything except a tank for this little critter! She explained the $60 bulbs and where they should be on the tank. She explained food for him, including the salad bar he needs everyday. I then browsed the aisles to find things for him to “bask” on, and hide under. I thanked her (Yes!! I could still speak! No, I wasn’t limping, paralyzed, facial droop, or having a headache!!)


As I was leaving, smiling with all my purchases, and being thankful for my glasses, I looked at a bench. I thought to myself, “that’s the bench without me in it” … I wasn’t sick with headache, suffering paralysis, limping, or any other of the multitude of migraine induced reasons I would have to be sitting on that bench.

Here it is: The bench without me in it!


Theresa Solved Her Light Trigger Problem

Theresa Axon Optics FL41 Tinted Readers Migraine Relief Therapeutic Lenses4

Axon Optics has been an answer to a prayer for me. I have chronic daily migraine and would get a painful migraine every time I would go to any store, doctor’s appointments, or even the ER, because of the bright florescent lighting that is commonplace these days. I remember reading years ago, about a migraine tint. So, I got tinted glasses at my eye doctor. But there was no change. I was so disappointed. They didn’t help at all with my light sensitivity. So I tried a different tint. Still, nothing. It was so frustrating. I ended up trying several different tints from three different eye doctors.

One day I found a company called Axon Optics who carried tints created to help migraine sufferers in fluorescent and other bright light situations. I thought I would give them a try. Wow, am I ever glad that I did!

Don’t waste your time like I did. Believe me, this company is the best out there. Their tint was the answer for me. Now I can go to the grocery store, the library, to a doctor’s appointment, without getting a terrible migraine, due to the lighting. This has changed my life. I know I will always have chronic daily migraine, and I have many triggers, but my light sensitivity trigger has now been addressed and I cannot thank Axon Optics enough. God Bless.

Laura Made Friends With Sunshine

Laura wears her Axon Optics CoverRx lenses to reduce symptoms of light sensitivity.

Laura had her first migraine at age 13. At first, her attacks were pretty infrequent but seemed to be triggered by changes in the weather, light sensitivity, and stress.

But when Laura got older, everything changed. About two years ago, she wrote in a journal entry:

“I miss what it’s like not to have a headache of some kind, whether it be a tension headache that can escalate to a migraine or a migraine itself. I find myself hating sunshine because it’s one of my triggers.”

Laura began to suffer migraine headaches just about every day. Her doctor prescribed a “cocktail” of medications for migraine prophylaxis, but she still didn’t get much relief, so she decided not to take them anymore. A few months later, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Her tumor was removed, but she still suffers the same triggers she did when she was younger, when a migraine attack will sometimes try to creep in. So Laura was glad to try Axon Optics eyewear for light sensitivity and share her story on her blog.

“For the first use, I deliberately picked a sunny winter day after a fresh snowfall when there was a good deal of sunlight reflecting off the snow. These are the days I would normally spend in my bedroom with the shades drawn, but I threw open my shades with the intent to give these glasses a go! I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on. The lenses gave everything a sort of rose-colored tint. This muted the bright light without making it difficult to see…. I also discovered that the glasses were effective even in a dark room with only a bright lamp for light.

“I recently drove myself to a doctor’s appointment on a mostly sunny day. Of course, I had to bring along my Axon Optics glasses to try. I must say they worked like a charm!…It’s wonderful to have a product that actually does what it claims to do — reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.”

Celeste Has Less Blepharospasm

Celeste suffers from both light sensitivity (or photophobia) related migraines and blepharospasm. Blepharospasm is a disorder that causes involuntary twitching or closure of the eyelids, often due to bright light. Celeste ordered our JURA migraine glasses to see if they would help ease her discomfort. She writes on her blog:

“…these glasses are not the same as sunglasses, which I have used to help my photophobia. Axon glasses are different; they are therapeutic.

When I first started wearing them, my usual squinting (even with sunglasses) stopped. During a migraine, the glasses really help too. Minimizing photophobia for me also means minimizing nausea and vomiting. I no longer worry about attending a conference or advocacy meeting in fear of the overhead lights triggering a migraine.”

Celeste also appreciated the style of her glasses.

You can get other frames, send in your own, and get the lenses in your prescription. The frames I got are the Axon Optics JURA migraine glasses for Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief. They are a stylish, classic, lightweight, unisex style spring frame, meaning they will hug your face without causing undue pressure. I must admit, the universal size scared me a bit at first, but the glasses fit my face with comfort. I hardly know there.

Wearing Axon lenses, Celeste reports reduced blepharospasm. She’s also able to attend conferences that support her efforts to advocate for people like her, without worrying about overhead lighting bringing on a migraine.

Anne Finally Found Photophobia Relief

I sit here beyond words as I write this. I had to give up my love of tennis because of the problems I had with the sun and fluorescent lighting. I would develop terrible migraines but I would also break out in a terrible rash and my joints would hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed as having Lupus with severe Photophobia. It’s been twenty years since I’ve been able to enjoy the sport I once taught and enjoyed and I’ve missed it more than anyone will ever know.

AXON OPTICS has brought hope back into my life and I am so happy and grateful! My different doctors have helped me through the years as I battle the pain associated with Lupus and the Lupus process. I would so happily battle the pain if I could be on the tennis court again! I haven’t found anything through the years that has helped me with my Photophobia until AXON OPTICS. I feel grateful and happy every time I put my pair of their glasses on whether they be my indoor or outdoor glasses. I look forward to working with Axon as they continue to come up with different lenses! Keep up the awesome work!

Jen Can Use Devices at Night Without Waking Up With a Migraine

I have lived my entire life with light sensitivity, otherwise known as photophobia. As a young child, I was called a bat because I couldn’t handle light and was much happier in the dark or dusk. Besides the intermittent, unpredictable pain I have on a daily basis – my fibro and PA likes to mess with my eyes regularly. I have tried using sunglasses, computer glasses, you name it to control my light sensitivity. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and TMJ. After I had my daughter I could feel the headaches and migraines change dramatically. The intensity and location changed plus my photophobia worsened. When I look back on it I realize it was fibromyalgia rearing its ugly head.


I work out of my house and I am on the computer for what feels like forever every day. Being light sensitive is not an option because I need to be able to make money and contribute to the household. Like I said, I tried computer glasses which did decrease my photophobia a little. It didn’t help me with everyday light, indoors or outdoors. Those glasses are very specialized. I tried sunglasses but they don’t help at all because they really don’t filter the blue or UV light. I have cats that like to sleep in the windows so they are always moving the curtains. The light is flashing in my eyes all day. It was getting excruciating but I can’t bring myself to block them from sleeping in the window because it’s a little joy in their life. I was in luck because just in time I was given a chance to try out the Axon Optics JURA Migraine Glasses.



I ordered the JURA indoor lenses. Sunglasses are usually sufficient outside for me so I really wanted to try out glasses that were made specifically for indoor use. They work really well. I was blown away. I am used to having products claim all sorts of things and then not deliver. I am able to work all day without the cats, gloomy light or my computer bothering me. My headaches have been decreased. I can’t say that the headaches are gone because I still have had migraines but I can 100% tell you since I have started using these glasses I have not had a ocular headache. I have been trying them out during allergy season so that is huge. Having one pain taken away may seem little but in my world it’s huge. Even though they are specifically for the indoors I have used them on my deck when I am working in my gazebo and they help with the glare a lot. I only have one nitpicky thing that I wish I could change and that is the tinting. I wish they were a little lighter so that I could wear them in the store and not have it be obvious or look like I am wearing sunglasses but like I said, it’s just a nitpicky thing that I can live with.


Overall these lenses are worth the investment. I wear them every day and they have been a life-changer. They are lightweight, they don’t hurt my ears or the bridge of my nose and they help me work when I need to work. I wear them at night when I am reading on my iPad, playing my games or surfing social media. It’s pretty awesome to be able to do that when I want and not have to worry about waking up with a headache the next day.

Ms. Burton Says, “Miraculous”

Ms. Burton has had migraines for over 35 years that got so bad she had to stop working a few years ago. She tried Botox and still needed rescue medication, and has been wearing sunglasses both inside and outside. With eyes very sensitive to light, it was difficult to watch TV, work on the computer, and read.

When Ms. Burton read about Axon’s tinted glasses she was very skeptical:

I discussed them with my optometrist, ophthalmologist, and my migraine doctor. They all said what I already knew: that the science was sound. The Moran Eye Clinic in Utah is well-known and I could get my money back, so why not try.

Having her Axon Glasses for over a month now:

I haven’t written a review yet because I could not think of the right words to use and do not think I still can. However, let’s start with miraculous. If my eyes could have sighed in relief they would have when I first wore my glasses. I am about to watch TV, work on the computer, and even read with my new glasses. They are truly amazing. My photosensitivity is gone as long as I wear my tinted glasses. As a migraineur, to restore just a small part of your life back to normal is a huge step and that is what these glasses has done for me. Do I still get migraines? Yes, but to enjoy the little things in life which I have missed for so long with something as simple as changing the tint of my glasses to FL-41 is so emotionally uplifting. As for my doctors, they are as excited as I am. Now they have something that actually helps migraines and can pass the information on to other patients.

If you suffer from migraines and have any light sensitivity or phobia, I recommend you get a pair of the tinted glasses. They have changed my life and have literally given me a new outlook on life.

Results will vary by person, but we are glad to hear our migraine glasses provided some relief.

Anne is Forever Grateful

I wish I had the words to adequately express how thankful I am for the combined efforts of all those responsible and for the countless hours put into studying and making the FL-41 lenses available for those of us who suffer so from photophobia, migraines, or Blepherospasm. The technology of the sunglasses that completely block out the light such as the ones I have, Wrap 7C, have been so great and have taken a migraine coming on and warded it off if I will just lie down several times. I’ve been able to do this without those horrible meds I’ve had to take for so long. There’s hope and I’m so happy!

My story may be a bit different but in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with Lupus and along with this came terrible migraines and complete aversion to the sun. Axon’s glasses are the 1st ones that have helped me and I am now 50! I get teary when I think of how this will change my future.

You have no idea. I had to quit any activity I used to do. When the sun is your enemy because of a disease and then you are challenged with sensitivity from any other light source it makes things difficult. I was a tennis teacher and the lights indoors were impossible and outdoors in the sun and heat became far too unbearable! I am hopeful to maybe start up again and it’s ALL IN PART BECAUSE OF AXON OPTICS. I will forever be so so grateful.

Chloe No Longer Gets Nightly Headaches

Chloe Benjamin is best known for her abilities as a novelist, including New York Times best-seller The Immortalists. But like millions of others, she’s also a migraineur who’s had to find ways to keep working with a migraine. In a career that demands long hours on the computer, Chloe has found relief by wearing Axon Optics lenses. And that relief helps her bring her work out of her imagination and into the minds and hearts of her readers. She recently took time out of her busy creative life to write to us about her experience.

I was diagnosed with migraine around the age of thirteen, when they began. I don’t think I’ve ever been formally diagnosed with photophobia, but I’ve certainly shared with all of my providers that light is a central issue.

I’m mainly a novelist, which means that I really only start a new project once every three to five years. Because those moments of inspiration are few, when they happen, it’s an enormous initial undertaking, intellectually and emotionally. Ideas flood through me, and my job is to take as many notes as I can–tone, plot, characters, bits of scene. This can last for weeks or months…”

When we asked how her migraine condition has affected her life as a writer, Chloe had an interesting perspective that may resonate with other migraineurs looking for options when working with a migraine.

Like most people with chronic pain, my migraines touch every part of my life, including my writing life. Many times, the impact is practical: screens are a trigger, and if I have a migraine, writing is pretty much out of the question. But the migraines are also a part of my psyche, the way I see the world, and I’ve realized over time how much they’ve shaped my interests and obsessions as a writer. Loss is one of them: the loss of people, certainly, but also of time, which is one of the hardest parts of having migraines. The Immortalists, my most recent novel, is very much about loss and mortality. I don’t think there’s a headache in the entire book, so it took me a long time to realize that I may not have written it if not for my migraines–which is not to glamorize them but to say that I think I would be an entirely different person if I didn’t have them.

While very few of us could write a best-selling novel, most people who suffer from migraines have the common ability to recognize triggers — especially when kept in a migraine journal. For Chloe and almost all other migraine sufferers, light sensitivity or photophobia plays a role.

Screens and indoor lighting are some of my biggest triggers, so figuring out how and how much I can work is an ongoing task. I’ve gone through better and worse periods with my migraines, and I have to adjust my screen time accordingly. When I was in a great place in my early twenties, I could work on the computer for multiple hours at a time. Right now, that’s not possible; I’m lucky if I get over an hour, and I take frequent breaks.

And like thousands of light-sensitive migraine sufferers, Chloe has found Axon Optics’ precision-tinted lenses extremely helpful for when she’s working with a migraine. Wearing our lenses, she’s been able to reduce her migraine pain and continue delighting her readers.

Axon glasses can make all the difference when it comes to whether and how long I can work on the computer. But they also help a great deal in my non-writing life, reducing my pain overall, which is a feedback loop, giving me more time and energy to write. I have two pairs of Axon glasses, the sunglasses and the regular tinted lenses, and I wear both daily. My Axon sunglasses are the only sunglasses I use! Because natural light is good for me, I tend to start using the indoor lenses as soon as the sun sets and we start using artificial light in the house. Before I found Axon, I had headaches almost nightly from artificial light. Your glasses have made a huge difference in not only my ability to tolerate artificial light, but also in my anxiety about light sensitivity. Knowing that I have a tool to help me handle light—probably my biggest trigger besides stress—greatly reduces my anxiety… and therefore my stress… and therefore my pain!

As for her work as a writer, Chloe provided us with an eye-opening perspective on her creative process that we think relates to migraineurs who are willing to try just about anything to get some relief.

It’s fascinating to look back once the novel is finished and see what remains, if anything, from the early notes, which are a kind of primordial brainstorm stew. Some things I throw out completely, but other things I write or work out during this period can be among the most important to the final book. I try to let myself be open, exploratory, and non-judgmental during this initial brainstorming period–to trust what comes up, but to also be okay with going down a rabbit hole that doesn’t wind up working.

Chloe, of all the things you’ve tried as a writer that might not have wound up working with a migraine, we’re glad Axon Optics have worked for you — to help you keep doing what you love. We hope to see much more from you in the future!

Check out Chloe’s NYT best-seller, The Immortalists.

She tried our glasses and found them immensely helpful. Fortunately, her photophobia-induced migraines ended after pregnancy. She is now migraine-free and has a healthy toddler! Our proprietary blend of the FL-41 tint made such a difference in her life that she came to work for Axon Optics. Pregnancy migraines can be prevented or minimized without the need for medications.

Dany Found Relief From Painful Light After TBI.

Thirteen years ago I suffered a brain injury. One of the long-term effects of this injury has been frequent severe migraines and light sensitivity. If you have ever been a victim to a migraine you know just how painful and inconvenient they are. For me they are often incapacitating. The sensitivity to light that they cause makes everyday life a struggle. I recently had a migraine, and tried axon optics glasses during its duration of a few days. They helped immensely with my light sensitivity. Since I could not afford to stay at home locked up in a dark room (though I wanted to) I wore them to help me tolerate indoor and outdoor light.

I was highly impressed, not only did they make light less painful, they helped with the vision problems that occur during my migraines. They were lightweight and very comfortable, which means a lot to me being a deaf person who wears hearing aids. I was worried that they would be too dark to wear inside but I could see everything perfectly. They are a real lifesaver! I now wear them almost every day to help with overall sensitivity to light. And they are quite stylish. Thank you for this incredible product, I would recommend it to anyone with light sensitivity or migraine headaches.

Lori is Able to Pursue Her Calling

Lori Fl-41 Axon Optics natural migraine relief blepharospasm transition lenses

Hi, my name is Lori. I have Generalized Dystonia and Blepharospasm. I also am glued to a screen of some sort for 8-10 hr days, as I am an advocate for dystonia awareness and am the Administrator for a large support group on Facebook. It’s not just the group which keeps me with my face constantly looking at my phone and laptop – I’ve spent months developing social networking sites as well as making a website from scratch too!

I’ve had my transition Axon glasses for a few months now and I have written on Amazon about how amazing they are… Well, I’m not finished saying how amazing they are….a few days ago I forgot to have my glasses on while I was on a 10-hour website making spree. That night my eyes were bright red, all night they were burning and watering so badly. I never slept and by morning both my eyes were swollen shut the entire next day. Which meant no work….I absolutely cannot work or use a computer without my glasses, they are necessary for me to do what I need to do and I need them from morning to night.

At first, I gushed about light sensitivity and how soothing they are to my eyes, my nervous system and being able to handle horrible bright stores. Well now it’s way more than that! Without these glasses, I cannot help people. I cannot run a growing group AND a new Dystonia Awareness Social Media Nonprofit organization without them. These glasses literally allow me to provide education to the world, media outlets for others who suffer from dystonia to use for their own benefit and jobs for people who want to be active in advocacy as well.

When glasses affect over 1200 people a day and hopefully thousands one day, that’s serious. To pursue my calling and overcome my disability to help others, something as simple to others like a pair of glasses, means the world to me and everyone who benefits from my ability to sit behind a computer screen.

Thank you for helping me be able to try to make a difference in this world of Dystonia and Blepharospasm.

Theresa Tried Others, But Axon Made the Difference

I have lived with chronic migraine for over 25 years. They are very debilitating. One thing that I cannot handle, is being in fluorescent lighting. And it is nearly impossible to go anywhere at all these days, and not come in contact with fluorescent lighting. Even Computer screens do a number on me. I have tried tinted lenses to lessen the exposure to these bright lights. I’ve tried many different tints from 3 different eye doctors to no avail.

Being the persistent person that I am, I didn’t give up. I came across Axon Optics while searching online for Migraine tints. I ordered a pair of tinted readers and now can’t be without them. If I leave them at home by accident, I will get a migraine. I still get chronic daily migraines and probably always will, but at least this particular trigger is helped so much by my tinted glasses from Axon Optics. So, my advice is to not waste your time getting just any tinted lenses for migraine light sensitivity. Get the right tint. This company knows their stuff. I used to think eye doctors would know more about migraine tints than some company. Wrong!

I found that Axon Optics has done extensive research to create just the right tints for those with light sensitivity due to a host of diseases. I wish I would have known a long time ago about this company. I could have saved a lot of time and money, had I gone right to Axon Optics. Their products are high quality. Not junk. They put a lot of pride into their products and they stand behind them. I am not associated with this company in any way. I am just one happy customer who wanted to share her experience and help others. Their customer service is excellent; which is extremely important to me. Thank you, Axon Optics, for helping me. God Bless you.

Kristopher Went to a Movie for the First Time in Years

Yesterday I did something truly amazing. For the first time in several years, I sat through an entire two-hour movie. I felt no eye pain or rental burn characteristic of this weird photo oculodynia syndrome, (a.k.a. photophobia). I know watching the latest installment of the X-Men franchise probably sounds mundane to most folks, but until I began wearing Axon Optics FL-41 lenses three months ago, sitting still for two hours bathed in various spectrums of light emitted by a LED television proved impossible. I had not watched television or gone to the movies for three years – not since I made the intuitive, tentative connection between certain types of light and their adverse effects on me, bringing on a state that at onset looked something like ADD, built to nervous agitation, progressed to adrenaline-fueled anxiety, and ended in panic that led to full flight into a darkened room.

So here is what happened. Four years ago, as a consequence of another chronic disease process, I suffered kidney failure. Fortune smiled upon me because after just six months of dialysis, my kidney function returned. Yet while I could once again expel fluids from my body in the manner in which nature intended, I could leave my home for only short periods without becoming agitated. Over time the severity of my symptomology worsened to the point that I saw a psychiatrist, who diagnosed what I was experiencing as agoraphobia, literally, fear of the marketplace. The medication he prescribed left me feeling dopey, more isolated and still phobic of pretty much anything other than a darkened room.

Life events and a bad break up led me to relocate out-of-state a few months later, where I saw a number of specialists about my illnesses. Because I’ve worn high index prescription glasses all my life, two of those doctors I sought out were an optometrist and ophthalmologist, the former of which suggested I try rose-tinted lenses. When I put on the commercially available #3 tint lenses while standing under harsh fluorescent lighting, I experienced, much to my surprise, some relief. That reaction prompted a referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist who first offered medication, then a ganglion nerve block and finally handed me the naturopathic solution: a non-prescription pair of Axon Optics Wrap 7C frames with removable interior light-blocking gaskets and FL-41 dark exterior tint lenses. The calming results were instantaneous.

When the prescription goggles arrived I was pleasantly surprised. Even with my strong prescription, the glasses are light and the lenses thin, like a pair of non-prescription sunglasses. For me going to the grocery store no longer is painful experience, nor do I feel as if I have been poleaxed by halogen headlights while riding in a vehicle at night. I can maintain a train of thought long enough to hold a reasonably coherent conversation with my doctors while under harsh florescent lighting.

Of course, nothing is perfect. I wore the goggles constantly for three months. Recently I noticed my old friend with seasonal affective disorder (depression) paying me a visit, so I’ve been experimenting. On cloudy days when I don’t plan to be outside for long or when at home under dim, soft pink incandescent lighting, I began wearing my old rose-tinted glasses. What I have observed thus far is that after several hours my eyes are fatigued, dry and I feel anxious. It is at that point I return to the FL-41 lenses. I will let you know how my experiment goes.

Devonna is Warding Off Migraines

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for these glasses. I’ve dealt with migraines and light sensitivity for years, and after surgical menopause hit me, they got even worse. I had 2-3 migraines per week, and that’s no life.

I received these on a Friday morning, and wore them off and on all weekend. Any time I felt a slight headache coming on, I wore them. I don’t know how they work, they just DO, and I’ve told EVERYONE about them! All I know is that every time I put them on, my head relaxes…my entire head, from my eyes to the base of my neck feels that relief (I have occipital nerve migraines).

Thanks for your product. My friends should be ordering them soon as well!

Peggy Found Axon Better Than Theraspecs

Many of these customers have also tried other types of glasses made to help people cope with painful light. Some have tried “blue blockers.” Some have resorted to wearing sunglasses indoors, which is never a good idea. Still others have tried generic brands of migraine glasses, but found ours more helpful.

One of these stories was submitted by Peggy, who had long been looking for tools to handle her light sensitivity.

“Once upon a time, television was my distraction of choice. Through many long days of chronic migraine pain, it hypnotized and help numb. But last February when the pain of my intractable migraine spiked beyond what I previously knew possible, the TV became yet another trigger — too bright and too loud.

“Not wanting to invest the money in migraine glasses, I had bought an inexpensive pair of blue light glasses to try. They did little, particularly with the computer, a true nemesis of mine. Even with them, I could not be on the computer for more than ten minutes without triggering an attack. I could not use any screen bigger than my phone (with the phone settings adjusted to filter out blue light). Beyond that, car rides were difficult for me. At the brightest moments on one 10+ hour car ride home to Florida, I hid from the piercing sun with a jacket over my head.”

After 5 months of struggling with this heightened light sensitivity — and getting little help from her blue light glasses — Peggy finally decided to try migraine glasses.

Axon Optics vs. Theraspecs

“While other brands have come out recently…It is important to note that each company’s lens tint is formulated differently and blocks out the light somewhat differently…Axon was the first company to develop migraine glasses back in 2010 at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center. I ultimately chose Axon’s glasses.”

Peggy originally purchased the Dalliance frames and found them too tight, so exchanged them for our Jura frames. She reports that, “Axon’s customer service was responsive and made the exchange easy.”

“I wish I had purchased these glasses sooner. They are now indispensable for me. I use the sunglasses every time I am in the car. They have given me back the freedom to be outside on sunny days, occasionally for hours at a time…At the end of last summer, my husband and I spent two nights at the beach and pool. The sunglasses helped me stay outdoors, enjoying those activities much longer than I would have been able to with regular sunglasses.

“I wear the indoor glasses religiously. I wear them at the grocery store and other stores with fluorescent lighting. I wear them when I am looking at any screen — my phone, iPad, computer or TV. The computer can still be problematic for me, but I have been able to spend time on the computer – one time for even an hour — without it triggering increased pain. We have even started watching TV again.”

Many photophobia sufferers may find Peggy’s story reassuring, but it’s not necessarily unique. The connection between light sensitivity, migraine glasses, and the relief found in Axon’s precision tint is backed by science. If you suffer from photophobia, Axon Optics migraine glasses can be a critical part of your migraine-fighting arsenal.

Emily Can Finally Study Without Pain

I call them fishbowls.

The 9 by 18 white tile rooms that the library calls study rooms. They’re fishbowls because they’re white walls on three sides with a fourth wall of windows. When people walk by they can’t help but stare at you studying. It’s always awkward silent eye contact. I like them because they’re an escape. It’s the only place I have control over the lights. Those awful too bright humming lights. When I open the door, the lights flick on – motion detected. I flip them back off. I sit at the desk, watching people walk by. Light still washes in from the rest of the library. The significant change in light helps so much.

When my friend comes in, the lights flick on again, I groan.

“Headache?” she asks.

I nod my head in my hands.

“Don’t you have your glasses?” she asks me.

The Axon glasses for migraines. Yes! I do. I go for my bag and I automatically find them at the bottom. My little lifesavers. I put them on and my eyes stop hurting. It still amazes me. I sigh in relief. Everything is pink but it’s better than everything hurting.

“Ready to study for that test?” she asks. She walks over to the lights and gives me a look, asking if she can turn the lights on. I nod, she can.

“Yeah,” I reply and begin taking my notes out. I can finally study and not be in pain.

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