NEW: Axon Light-Responsive Lenses for People with Migraine and Photophobia

NEW: Axon Light-Responsive Lenses for People with Migraine and Photophobia

Faster, darker, less expensive.

That’s right, Axon Optics has made significant improvements to our light-responsive eyewear for migraine sufferers. The lenses now become darker, change faster, and are more affordable. We’re pretty sure this makes them easier and more pleasant to use than ever before.

Glasses that darken automatically when exposed to sunshine (also called photochromic lenses), have been popular for a while, but the technology continues to improve. And if you know us, you know Axon Optics always wants to offer the best technology. To that end, we’ve made our photochromic lenses for migraine and photophobia even better.

GIF of photochromic lens technology

Since 2011, we’ve developed and sold what we coined as migraine glasses. The proprietary lenses filter out wavelengths of light most likely to be a problem for migraine sufferers, 90% of whom are light sensitive.

All our lenses can be made with or without a vision correction prescription. And of course, this includes the newly-improved light-responsive eyewear with our precision migraine tint.

“Our Axon Optics eyewear indoor lenses are very popular,” said Ben Rollins, co-founder of Axon Optics. “But many users like the convenience of stepping outside without having to switch from their indoor glasses to sunglasses. The new technology allows our glasses to not only get darker, faster than ever before, but we’ve also been able to reduce the price.”

The improvements come thanks to new spincoat technology in light-responsive lenses. Spincoating allows lenses to darken faster, but also fade faster when the wearer steps inside. It also provides a more uniform light-responsive coating over the entire lens.

And users seem pretty happy with the improvement.

“I can go indoors or out without changing to a different pair. These glasses adjust all day long to diffuse the light as it changes. It really makes a difference reducing the triggers for my eye spasms.”

Axon Optics customer Susan
Woman wearing Axon Optics photochromic lenses

Just as we’ve always done, we’ll continue to research and improve our precision-tinted eyewear for light sensitivity and migraine. To try Axon Optics new light sensitivity lenses, visit our shop page.

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