Ceiling Fans, Flickering, Motion, and Migraine

celiing fans flickering motion and migraine

A recent question from a customer asked about ceiling fans and if it may trigger migraine attacks:

I just ordered a pair of FL-41 glasses for help with fluorescents, but am wondering if anyone out there has trouble with ceiling fans. The spinning actually makes me fall over, particularly if it catches me off guard. I’ve been told it’s some sort of tracking problem with my eyes, but it seems worse when I’m migraine-ing. Any suggestions other than pure avoidance?

Sensitivity to objects in motion can also be seen in patients with migraine. Some migraine patients get a dizzy or off-balance sensation when riding in a car and seeing the scenery move by the car.

Some patients notice this “visual discomfort” when walking down an aisle at a store and seeing objects moving in their peripheral vision. It’s not clear why migraine sufferers have this sensitivity. Unfortunately, other than avoidance, as recommended in this post, there are few treatments. FL-41, while not a cure for this phenomenon can be helpful in reducing this visual discomfort.

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