FL-41 Lenses: No, They're Not All the Same

FL-41 Lenses: No, They're Not All the Same

FL-41 is a lens tint that has been shown to reduce the impact of migraine attacks in clinical studies. But what does FL-41 tint look like? Are all FL-41 glasses the same? The answer is a resounding no.

An early research project from the University of Utah Medical Center evaluated whether patients were getting the same benefit from therapeutic lenses (or lenses with FL-41 tint) from different vendors. Surprisingly, the study found wide variations in the quality, lens color, spectral characteristics, and optical densities of lenses purchased from different optical shops and laboratories.

Each line on the graph below represents FL-41 lenses from 5 different vendors. The light shows how much light passes through the lens at different light wavelengths. As you can see, they vary significantly.

Comparison of Different FL-41 Lenses From Multiple Vendors

Here are pictures of different FL-41 migraine lenses on the same model and in the same lighting. The color of the lens ranges from rust, to purple, to hot pink. Again, significant variation.

Comparison of FL-41 lenses on the same model in the same lighting.

Where Did FL-41 Originate From?

FL-41 has a long and complex history. The technology has been in development since the 1980s and began at the University of Cambridge. Researchers were seeking a solution for individuals who were bothered by fluorescent lights. This was the original FL-41 tint, but it was quite different from what we have today. Dr. Peter Good, a neurophysiologist at Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre, read Wilkins’ research and saw an opportunity for additional applications of the FL-41 tint. This set off a chain of events that led to the precision tint for photophobia and migraine glasses that we have today.

In early 1990 Dr. Kathleen Digre of the University of Utah began recommending the FL-41 tint to some of her patients. In 1998, Axon’s own Dr. Bradley Katz, also of the University of Utah, was impressed with his colleague’s, Dr. Digre, success in using the tint to treat light sensitive patients. He began offering the tint to his own patients who suffered with migraine and some showed significant improvement. Fast forward to today and Dr. Katz has been instrumental in updating the lens design, increasing its effectiveness. The FL-41 tint has undergone several improvements and the numbers speak for themselves. It works for many who have migraine or are light sensitive.

The journey of migraine glasses FL-41 map.

How Are Axon Lenses Different?

As you saw in the first few graphs, the level of variation of generic FL-41 tint is wide. Axon Optics powered by Avulux® Migraine and Light Sensitivity Lenses are shown to be effective in helping people with migraine and light sensitivity, and are consistent compared to the major variation in generic lenses. Here are some of the differences you’ll see when you take a closer look:

  • Lens Testing: We’ve tested our proprietary Axon lenses with over 500 people using clinically validated surveys. We found that nearly 90% of these people experienced a decrease in light sensitivity and migraine. On average the impact of light sensitivity was reduced by 38%. Migraine days reduced by 24%.
  • More Good Light: You don’t want to wear dark lenses inside as you’ll dark adapt your eyes — think how painful it is to come out of an afternoon movie into bright sunlight. Axon lenses let 20-70% more good light into your eye than generic lenses that have been released after Axon launched.
  • Continued Research: Axon Optics was founded by a neuro-ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and optical entrepreneur. My partner, Dr. Katz, has treated literally thousands of patients with light sensitivity and/or migraine. We use profits from Axon Optics to fund additional research for new products related to migraine and light sensitivity.
  • Correct Color: Generic lenses are red, rust, purple, rose, orange, green, you name it. It can be difficult to know what you are getting out there, which is why we’ve actually tested our lenses as described above.
  • You can see hundreds of user experiences for insight into these lenses. If you really want to dig in, here is a long, but relevant history on the use of tinted lenses for migraine and light sensitivity.
Axon Spectrashield FL-41 lenses let more good light in that generic FL-41 lenses.

How Should I Choose A Therapeutic Lens?

Look at the research and consider the source. Axon Optics was founded by researchers at the University of Utah. One of the founders, Dr. Bradley Katz, is a neuro-ophthalmologist who has worked with thousands of patients. He has been recommending and perfecting therapeutic eyeglasses for patients with light sensitivity for over 15 years.

Avulux lenses have been used by thousands of people and have been shown to absorb up to 97& of harmful light, while allowing the soothing green light through. These lenses are proprietary, and have been fine-tuned by our experts in migraine and light sensitivity over many years. 

Axon Optics is the most advance light sensitivity FL-41 lens on the market.

Here is some feedback from an optical shop that is recommending Axon Eyewear: “I did a quick in-office test of lenses. Your tint won, especially with the office people who suffer from migraine headaches.”

Conor writes “I was recommended Fl-41 lenses, by my General Practitioner to treat my Blepharospasm and recurring monthly migraines. I have to be honest, I was not expecting the effect I’ve been getting. Light change no longer has any/ to very little impact on my eyes whether it’s UV or LED. As for my migraines, I usually go through a 6 hour ordeal, starting with dull eye pain that turns into full blown severe left hemisphere cranial pain, into the night, causing me to be sick. They don’t fully end the migraine but they minimize the symptoms, and the fact that they can deter it, is a true life changer.

The first time putting these glasses on was at work during a migraine with nausea. Literally within a second or two the nausea was gone along with the sharp pain portion of the migraine. After 35 years of fighting migraines I’m still finding it hard to believe these work as well as they do.”

Try Axon Optics With Avulux Lenses

Try Axon FL-41 spectrashield lenses.

Don’t choose generic lenses. Not all migraine glasses are created equal. Get the trusted name in therapeutic eyewear. Check out our stylish frames now at our shop.

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